Rules and Login Problems

Okay, here is a short summary of things you are not supposed to do while using our services.
These are basically our most important rules. Breaking one of these rules could get you banned already.

- Do not create more than one account
- Do not create accounts with e-mail addresses you do not own (e.g.: tempmail)
- Do not create accounts with phone numbers you do not own (e.g.: SMS Receiver)
- Do not exploit bugs, report them instead!
- Do not use accounts you do not own, use the guest account feature instead!
- Do not spam or annoy any other user!
- Do not be rude
- Do not beg, we will not give you free GP or unban you, ever.
When you get a pop-up telling you "Multiaccount", "10MinuteMail", "Bug using" etc., then you are banned!
If you are banned, please read the next section "Help, apparently I got banned!".

When you do not get a pop-up and you legitimately cannot login, it might be because you used a third-party login feature like Google login. If that's the case, there are multiple ways to fix this. For example you can try resetting your password. Already tried to reset your password and it didn't work? No problem. Come over to our Discord server, so we can take further steps, for example moving your account to another e-mail address or changing your password manually.
Do not panic. When you are banned, you've probably deserved it anyways.
If you were banned because you've broken one of the rules chances of getting unbanned are pretty low. But you can request to get unbanned by writing an e-mail to [email protected]
This e-mail must contain those things, or your request gets declined immidiatly:

- Do not send multiple requests / spam, or your request gets declined immidiatly
- The four most important rules (not copy and pasted)
- Why you were banned
- Why we should unban you
- Your registered username and e-mail

Banned users do not have high priority support, so getting an answer could take up to 72 hours.
Unpatient users will get declined immidiatly. Additionally we might ban users e-mail addresses, when they disregard the rules above (multiple times)!


Glad you asked before writing a useless ticket smart user. Our helpful supporters do provide support only for our products, this includes our homepage and the functionality of our gameservers, as long these are in a vanilla (non-modded) conditioning. Our supporters do not grant you any help with malfunctioning mods or messed up game directories (e.g.: strongly modified using FTP).
Because you should first read the FAQ and ask questions afterwards!


That's your fault. We do not give script support, because we did not write these scripts! Check your logs and try to find and fix your problem on your own.
We would love to expand our game list, but there are restrictions, which are making it hard to add some games to our line-up. We give our best to fulfill our community's demands.
Following games could not be added because of restrictions:
- The Forest (native windows)
- Rust (native windows)
- Factorio (we could not gather player info)
If there is any game you want to request, head to our forum and create a thread there.
We can implement native windows servers, if there are many users, which want to play these games.

Access Files

You can access your files using third party FTP softwares, for example FileZilla.
The default File-Transfer-Protocol (ftp://) is plain-text and not-secure. However, we provide the users the possibility to connect to our File-Transer-Servers securely using ftps and ftpes. Some FTP softwares automatically uses the secure connection method if available, but to be completely sure the connection is secure, you can just type "ftps://" or "ftpes://" before the host IP address.
Click here for a short guide.

Gameserver-Points (GP)

You can earn GP through daily logins (20 GP per day), your banner (1gp per click) or active players on your active server (1gp/player/hour).
We've put years of experience in our GP system and it did well so far. If you don't have 1000 GP earned at the end of the month, you're certainly doing something wrong. If you don't have active players, you should not get an active server, but a passive one instead!
Let's do some maths together!
You buy a 32 slots active server, which costs 1000 GP per month.
You bought 32 slots because you know more than 16 people to play with.
So you have 17 players which want to play simultaneously on your active server at some point of day.
If all your 17 players play for one hour daily you get approximately 500 GP per month.
If you login to your gs account daily, you get another 600 GP per month.
500 GP + 600 GP = 1100 GP. You have more GP than you have started with, congratulations!
We will rethink our GP prices at some point in future, but there is really no need for any worries already!
No. That's not the point of our GP System! We will never give you GP for free, especially not if you're begging for it!

FAQ related questions

You can write Cave a message on our discord server. He owns this place. The message should look like this:

Hey @Cave, there is a essential question / answer missing in your FAQ.
In category-name there should be another quesiton called question-name
I have pre-written an answer you can use here: optional-answer

The pre-written answer is optional and I do not guarantee to add your question or your pre-written answer.
You can report typos on discord. If it is a FAQ related typo, please tag Cave on your message using @Cave. He owns this place.