Registation is temporary disabled

Hello GSS Community,

Unfortunately, I have to let you know we have to temporary disable our registration form, because of the extensive creation of multiaccounts and fake accounts. We will now take any measurements needed, in order to further guarantee the best-possible user-experience. While we are busy taking care of these things, registration is not possible!

Please note the following while you create an account:

  • Only create one account per computer
  • Only create one account per person
  • Only use your own E-Mail address, we need this for verification and to get in contact with you
  • Only use your own phone number, we need this only for verification, in order to reduce multiaccounts

We permanently delete any multiaccounts, fake accounts (fake e-mail or phone number) and their server immediately, as soon as we find them.

We apologize for any inconveniences, but this is necessary, in order to create and maintain a good service.

Best regards,

FLEX_Scorpion before 16 hours 38 min


FLEX_Scorpion before 16 hours 38 min

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